A guideline to motivate your offshore development team

The majority of companies hiring offshore employees worry about the ways they will use to manage a team. They think first about their future expenses and time. A complete list of requirements and specifications for the project can help define the approximate price of the services provided by an outsourced team. To run the team efficiently you should learn how to inspire and motivate your co-workers because very often a good attitude to work and commitment are beyond money.


Hiring in-house employees will cost you over 40% more than employing remote workers. The high percentage is explained by insurance payments, the high cost of local IT specialists, work space rental fee, soft- and hardware. However, running remote developers is not so easy as you think. Along with lots of benefits (remote teams or freelancers work in their own offices or at home, use their own hardware and software, pay for insurance themselves, etc.), there are also a lot of cons including a fast decline of motivation and enthusiasm to work.


Money can surely motivate both in-house and offshore employees. However, most buyers think that in-house staff is more highly motivated as they are focused on one single project earning more than freelancers or offshore teams of developers. On the contrary, it’s quite difficult to inspire remote workers as they are located in another part of the world having their own values and culture. But still, there are helpful tips and tricks for you to use while running a remote team.

So, how motivation could help you in managing your personnel? What kinds of motivation are there? Is it possible to increase productivity by motivating people? Keep on reading to know the answers. Motivation is considered one of the most powerful things to increase quality and effectiveness at the workplace. Let’s find out what motivation is all about.

The power of motivation

Motivation is all about encouragement and strong interest, commitment and engagement. Highly motivated people are more productive at work. If you dream about a brand-new and feature-reach IT solution or product you must first off think out how you will empower your employees.

With a fast-paced world, new technologies and innovations that are introduced almost every day there’s no wonder people are losing their passion and interest in their jobs. Everyone has at least once in life felt like exhausted and apathetic to work that has formerly been so engaging. It’s human nature to lose passion. A good employer has to keep in mind that motivation is something that should be always kept burning like fire otherwise you may lose it.

Challenges of working with offshore developers

We conducted a 1-year research involving over 200 developers who worked for different overseas companies to study the motivation concerns. The majority of participants worked for a single long-lasting project completing repetitive tasks. Here are some results we got — a diagram demonstrating the motivation decrease.

The diagram shows that employees feel reasonably encouraged during the first 4 months of work but then it’s getting worse. When people gain particular reputation, become familiar with the entire workflow their activities become repetitive and boring. No new features, no new projects. The scale drops from 75% to 50% and then decreases slowly, reaching 26%. Gradually, the effectiveness can reach 0%. This diagram doesn’t take into account demotivating factors which scale down motivation level much faster. Is it possible to stop demotivation? What measures can be taken to resolve the problem?

How to enhance the effectiveness of work done by offshore employees

Some company owners think that money is all their team members need. Make no mistake about this! Social motivation has the same power as money does.

Surely, money is the key reason why people do their jobs. However, working conditions, inclusiveness, acknowledgment, and a lot of other important factors affect the level of commitment. Employees who feel uncomfortable with the working atmosphere can quit their jobs with no regard to high salaries. Team building and involvement are great motivators that allow building passionate and strong teams.

Social activities unite not only in-house employees but outsourced members as well. Investing little in team-building events will bring you a bunch of benefits in the future.

Social motivation is important during the first months of the project. It gives a good start, encourages productive work and successful outcomes. Make your remote co-workers feel like a part of your team. Only in this case, they will do their best. Below are some types of financial and social motivations:

◦ Material motivation

Competitive salary, benefits, bonuses, personal presents.

◦ Social motivation

Team building meetups and activities, the feeling of being an integral part of the team.

Best practices for managing offshore resources

Just imagine that you are currently working as a football coach inspiring and motivating your team before a match. That’s what actually a good team leader should do — encourage, give confidence during the game, commend, etc. Simple clapping on the shoulder or a small chat can make your employee’s day.

While working with outsourcing providers you should demonstrate them that you consider them to be an integral part of your team. Communicate with them on a regular basis, ask their points of view or recommendations. These are good ways to make people feel empathy. If possible, visit your partners or think of the paid business trip for your developers. Below you can see a diagram of motivation level if you follow the recommendation above.

As you can see, it is impossible to maintain a 100% motivation level. However, keeping it at 80% is quite possible, but it is essential not to miss the moment when the situation goes out of your control. Become a leader for your offshore team! By combining social and material types of motivations you will get the best results, highly motivated people, passionate about what they are doing.




Custom software development company and IT staff augmentation https://diceus.com

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Custom software development company and IT staff augmentation https://diceus.com

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